First off all, what money matters to a human being? Why are people running so fast to own or earn it. Is it really so important or difficult to survive in this beautiful world without money!

After humans the most powerful thing in this world is money (a piece of paper) . In this present time without money this world does not really look so beautiful.

A very old proverb: “money is not everything but actually not less than everything.”

People are working so hard to earn a good amount of money so that they can improve their living style, upgrade their houses, good Nutritious foods or wear good clothes. In simple words people want things which make them feel rich.

But with your job or regular business turnover you cannot achieve all this necessary materialistic things on time so there is only one way which can take you from middle class to rich and from rich to richest over the night and the name of the way is “stock market”.

In this article you will get to know about:

  1. Is your horoscope accompanying you to the stock market?
  2. How to know which stock you should invest in?
  3. Can you really see your future in the stock market?
  4. Why are you again and again committing losses in the stock market?

After this question you will get all your answers about how astrology helps you in stock market trading.

Is your horoscope accompany you in stock market

In astrology there are 12 houses, 9 planets, 27 nakshtra and many more but there are some specific positions in a horoscope, if a person’s kundali has that planetary position he or she can easily use the stock market for being wealthy or opulent.

For an example: if rahu is in the 2nd house of horoscope or in the 11th house of the kundali then you can easily enter the stock market but it is very much necessary to know that in which position or nature they are in because rahu can make a person’s life overnight but can destroy is fractions of second.

There are many circumstances which are to be seen in a horoscope but if rahu and shukra (venus) supports your horoscope you can take your very first step to the stock market.

How to know that in which stock you should invest

Astrologer rudraksh shrimali first analysis and read your horoscope. shrimali ji checks how much stock market suits you, what are the probability of profit and loss.

In second step shrimali ji check all the planet and which of this really support you in stock market

For an example: the moon (chandrama) is in a very good position supporting the 10th and 11th house and you are facing the moon’s dasha so shrimali ji will advise you to have pharmacy stock or chemical company stock. That’s how astrologer rudraksh shrimali helps you with astrology.

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Can you really see your future in stock market/ should you leave your job and continue stock market as full work

Shrimali ji checks and analyses everything in your horoscope, planetary position and then advises you when and how you should work in the stock market. He will suggest a simple plan by which it will be very easy for you to work in the share market. Shrimali ji tells you when to buy when to sell what to buy by analysing your horoscope.

To get an answer for this question you should consult with shrimlai ji because it is a very big decision to leave your job and work full time on the stock market.

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Why are you again and again committing losses in stock market

There can be many different reasons in your horoscope by which you are again and again committing loss or in the starting you have earned a good amount of profit but after some time all the profit is converted into losses.

The reason behind this totally depends on the specific horoscope but generally the 12th house and 8th house are not in good positions because some planets and people make losses.

In this article the main concept of stock market and astrology is cleared and how astrology and shrimali ji can help you in growing and making a position in the stock market.

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