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Veda is soul of the Hindu religion. Veda teaches us “How to live life and how to lead life. From these four Veda’s astrology takes birth from rig Veda. it presented astrology as a literary dimension and factual study. it became an etiology in front of us. Veda teaches us the importance of “yagua’s” . it gives knowledge about mantra’s and yantra’s. it provides a different dimension to our rituals. From these Veda’s astrology has taken birth. astrology tells us about the end to end of our life.

“Veda says all in vain without our destiny!”

And we all judge in our practical life the importance and influence of time from this divine knowledge, which we can not neglect.

Astrology has two major parts, one is mathematics and the other is its result. In the first part, we do the calculation of days and variance of nakshatra’s, sunrise, moonrise, and assumption. This calculation produces a result that makes the probability of our life. This means this incident and the relation of a particular person. This process generates a book which is known as “Kundali”.


Kundali is such a popular word, when we know certain things about a person we say that “I have his Kundali”. But the work of making perfect predictions is a very different task. to understand it and making a deliberate comment is a very tedious job. Astrology is just not a subject it is an ocean of tedious jobs. Astrology is just not a subject it is an ocean of knowledge and research institute only 20 years old youth is present before you for justifying astrology’s vast extension and the authenticity of the subject.

Rudraksh Shrimali is from the fifth generation of the family which is devoted to astrological research. He is the son of astrologer and world-famous Kundali analyst Rajesh Shrimali. Rajesh Shrimali is not a new name for astrology-curious people or we can say he does not require any introduction. from a very early age, Rudraksh Shrimali learned deep aspects of astrology from his father.

Rudraksh Shrimali himself knows karma kand, astrology, yantra, mantra, and tantra. He is a scholar and researcher on this subject. He graduated in English literature, public administration, and geography. He has predicted at least 10,000 kundali’s. Rudraksh Shrimali is a new-generation astrologer he himself quotes that “new India and the people of India centralized on ambition, not on the problem”.

For this reason, he is an astrologer and kundali analyst of a new generation. So please come and meet him who is from a family of astrology dedicated. He got this knowledge inheritance to come and converse with him and discuss your dreams, your efforts and its successes and failures.

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