Amavasya Dosha

Many times in life, individuals faces unexpected challenges. This is because, according to astrology, there can be various Doshas in a birth chart due to the unfavorable positions of planets in any of the twelve houses. Example of such Doshas include Kaalsarp Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Pitru Dosha, Guru Chandal Dosha, and Amavasya Dosha. which I have discussed previously. Here, I’m providing information about the Amavasya Dosha and its impact on a person’s life.

What is Amavasya Dosha?

In any birth chart, when the Sun and the Moon (representing the mind) are together in any house, Amavasya Dosha is formed. The impact of Amavasya Dosha is exceptionally strong. In a birth chart, this Dosha gives unfavorable results and creates significant ups and downs in a person’s life.

If a person is going through the dasha of the Sun or the Moon and has Amavasya Dosha in their birth chart, it can bring entirely negative outcomes. It leads to a series of problems and may cause mental distress and physical hardships.

Signs of Amavasya Dosha

  • Sudden and severe financial fluctuations.
  • Imbalance in one’s mental and emotional state.
  • Health-related problems.
  • Strained relationships within the family.
  • Career setbacks.

These are some signs of Amavasya Dosha, but its impact varies according to the individual’s birth chart.

Remedies for Amavasya Dosha

While we can’t control the positions of planets and nakshatras in our birth chart, we can take measures to mitigate the negative effects of Doshas. Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali offers remedies for Amavasya Dosha through the use of Yantras, Mantras (spiritual chants), Tantra (rituals), and Pujas (ceremonial worship). These remedies can help alleviate the difficulties and challenges associated with Amavasya Dosha.

While changing one’s destiny may not be possible, improvement is achievable.

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