Leading to the alter is a big deal! Getting married is a very big decision of some one’s life. Defiantly it is not easy to marry a unknown person just because you meet them for some time It is highly risky taking this kind of decision. there is no science, method or in today’s world AI that can tell you who is the right person for you. but if something can help you in knowing the right compatable partner it is only and only astrology and gun Milan.
Welcome to the exploration of gun Milan, a neat part of Indian vedic astrology that helps you to choice a right life partner. In simple word it is a test of compatibility between two kundali’s or person. gun Milan is a magical helper who shows you that if someone is a good fit for you in aspect of marriage.
I’ll show you how it can help you in understanding relationships better. So, let’s start this journey together to know about the magic of gun Milan!
The process of gun Milan is also known as ashtakoot Milan in vedic astrology. Ashta means 8 and kootas are the categories. These eight categories are different aspect of life. These categories are considered to measure one’s compatibility with the other person. this categories contains some points which in total make 36 gunas. More the gun matches, the more compatible you are with the other person in your life.
Eight parameters in which the points are divided:
Varma: it is a category of people in four : brahmin , kshatriya, vaishya and shudra.
Vashya: it contains 2 points. Exactly it signifies power of a person or behavior.
Tara: contains 3 points, denotes star compatibility of a person.
Yoni: contains 4 points which shows the sexual compatibility of a person.
Gran maitri/ rasyadipati : contains 5 points and shows mental compatibility.
Gana: it contains 6 points there are 3 categories deva, manava, rakshasa, which denotes the behavior.
Rashi: it means the bonding, emotion and love between partner it is considered on the placement of moon, contains 7 points.
Nadi: it is all about health and gunes of a person and contains highest points.
So, this are the divisions of categories by which you can easily know the right match for yourself.
I will strongly suggest you that if atleast 22 guns match’s in gun Milan and maximum 34 guns are matching you can move ahead for marriage. But less than 22 and more than 34 can create some problems.
I have discussed major point by which you can know the importance of gun Milan. If you are in a stage of getting married than you should go with kundali Milan or gun Milan.
I wish you a very happy and healthy married life.

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