Kalsarp Dosha

“Kalsarp Dosha” refers to a Dosha or an astrological condition in Indian astrology. This Dosha is considered one of the most significant in the Indian astrological system. Kalsarp Dosha occurs when all seven planets come between the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu or when there is a specific planetary arrangement involving Rahu and Ketu.

There are various interpretations and classifications of Kalsarp Dosha by different Indian astrologers. Among these, 72 types of Kalsarp Dosha are recognized, with 24 of them being considered particularly significant. Kalsarp Dosha is categorized into two main types: Uttarardh (ascending) and Adhoardh (descending). In the ascending Kalsarp Dosha, Rahu is the starting point and Ketu is the ending point, while in the descending Kalsarp Dosha, Ketu is the starting point and Rahu is the ending point. These planetary positions are believed to influence a person’s life significantly.

Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets, and their presence in a person’s birth chart is believed to have a controlling influence over the other seven planets. This can lead to a reduction in the impact of other planets, causing confusion, fear, and mental distress. Kalsarp Dosha is often associated with various obstacles and difficulties in a person’s life.

Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali, will explain you with an example that if mars is power in one’s birth chart will give the person self confidence, strength and courage, and on the other side there is a kalsarp Dosha in the birth chart. certainly rahu and ketu will continuously try to reduce the effect of the planet mars. Whereas mars is the most powerfull planet in the birth chart. Because this three planets rahu, ketu and mars (mangal) are situated in a condition of conflict where a person will be confused. In this condition By the influence of planet mars person will select a wrong track. And in anger a person will be involved in violence and act of crime he or she may become a criminal.

Each Kalsarp Dosha has its unique effects on an individual, which can be determined by analyzing their birth chart. For example, if Kalsarp Dosha is formed in the sixth house (Shashtham Bhav) with Saturn aspecting it, it is believed to increase the risk of cancer for the native.

Kalsarp Dosha works as an obstacle in the progress, losing interest in work, unknown fear, mental unstablity, and tension , physical tiredness, and always feels like uneasily. Kalsarp Dosha never gives positive results to the person.

It is important to note that not everyone with Kalsarp Dosha needs to perform remedial rituals. The necessity of performing Kalsarp Dosha remedies, such as yantras, mantras, or other spiritual practices, should be determined after consulting with an experienced astrologer like Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali. In some cases, the influence of Rahu can be harnessed positively to achieve success in specific areas of life.

In the modern age, many people have successfully navigated the influence of Kalsarp Dosha by using the power of Rahu in their favor. Consulting an astrologer for a detailed analysis of your birth chart can help you understand how Kalsarp Dosha may be affecting your life and whether any remedies are required.

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