Business Astrology

Business Astrology

Doing business and making it successful are two different things. Successful business makes a person successful as well. Unsuccessful business makes a person unsuccessful. So, to achieve success in business, we determine three points.

1. Which business to do?
2. How to do business?
3. Where to do business?

1. Which business to do

I will determine which business you should do by looking at the karma bhava and the beneficial planets of the birth chart. For example, if your Saturn is strong, I will suggest working in iron, wood, minerals, transportation, or the IT sector. If Venus is good, I will advise you to work in jobs related to Venus.

70% of people in the world work against their birth chart. That’s why they cannot achieve great success or become unsuccessful.

2. How to do business

I, Rudraksh Shrimali will suggest how you should do business according to your birth chart. You should go into construction, trading, retail, or wholesale, depending on the planetary arrangement in your birth chart. By finding the right approach to your business according to your birth chart, you can choose a business that suits your desires and can lead to success.

I will create a “business module” for you. based on the capital you have. Then, you will get more profit with less efforts.

3. Where to do business ?

For the success of any business, it is very important to find-out the right direction and position according to the birth chart. You need to do business abroad. Import or export while staying in India.

Again, I will choose according to your birth chart which products and items are to be sold to or purchased from which state and city that will increase your profit and I will advise you about shortage of manpower, non availability of eligible staff.

Whether business to be done in partnership or not, suitable name of the company and name as a CEO, owner and also bank account number will be decided.

Rudraksh shrimali is well known for “best business astrologer in india” many of the business men and industrialist have become successful and doing their business on the advice of rudraksh shrimali.

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