Markesh Dosha

Markesh: According to the principles of astrology, various planetary positions and combinations in an individual’s birth chart lead to the formation of various yogas, some of which bring auspicious results, while others bring inauspicious outcomes.

I’m going to discuss a serious subject that not only holds significance in astrology but can also be a matter of concern for every living individual. I am talking about death and, according to astrology, the concept of “Markesh.”

Before moving forward, it’s important to clarify that Markesh is not just about physical death. Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali explains that real death is not just the cessation of life; real death is when a person is alive but feels the agony of death.

For instance, consider a wealthy individual who possesses all the comforts and luxuries in the world. If, overnight, that person loses all their wealth and respect, this situation can be more painful than death itself.

A person who was once respected, valued, and whose reputation meant everything, suddenly loses all of it. At that point, it can be akin to facing death, and this is something that many people have experienced.

Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali emphasizes that Markesh doesn’t necessarily mean physical death.

What is Markesh Dosha, and how does it form in the birth chart?

Markesh, in the context of astrology, refers to a condition or planetary period in the birth chart that can bring severe pain, suffering, or even death to an individual. It occurs when there is a conjunction between the lords of the Second House (Dhan Bhava) and the Seventh House (Saptam Bhava) of the birth chart. In other words, Markesh Dosha forms when the mahadasha and antardasha of the lords of the Second and Seventh Houses intersect.

The impact of Markesh Dosha can vary depending on the specific planetary positions and the overall alignment in the birth chart. The Dosha is characterized by the affliction of the lords of these houses and their influence on the individual’s life.

Each planet can have a unique effect in the context of Markesh Dosha. However, when Saturn (Shani) is associated with Markesh, and if Saturn is afflicted in the birth chart, it may indicate the certainty of the individual’s death. However, this is not always the case and needs a careful analysis of the entire birth chart.

Jyotish shastra (astrology) provides remedies for addressing such grave issues. So, when Markesh Dosha arises, instead of getting anxious, one should seek guidance from astrology and Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali to find solutions for the issue.

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