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Political success and the role of astrology

Political science is itself a subject and when a subject is established, it is assumed that research has begun. Politics

Love and Relationship Astrology

A bhajan by Meera… “What I knew, love brings sorrow. The town pelts stones, but love finds no one.” Love

Business Astrology

Doing business and making it successful are two different things. Successful business makes a person successful as well. Unsuccessful business

Career Astrology

Choosing a career is a challenging decision in anyone’s life. The beginning of career starts with subject selection during school

Health Astrology

There is such a deep connection between health and astrology that even in Ayurvedic medicine, the birth chart of the

Loan And Debt Astrology

“Money is not everything, but before saying this, you should have lot of money.” – Warren Buffet The meaning of

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