Political success and the role of astrology

Political success and the role of astrology

Political science is itself a subject and when a subject is established, it is assumed that research has begun. Politics is influenced by infinite possibilities and circumstances. Speaking of politics is as easy as saying it, but perhaps not as easy to practice. I don’t need to say much, but those who are involved in politics know well that it is a challenging path. Politics is not just a matter of victory or defeat; it is an industry in itself in Indian culture. It is connected to politics through TV channels, newspapers, and similar institutions.

Politics directly and indirectly affects you constantly. In India millions of people are eager to enter in this system, whether it is called the addiction of power for generations or a hope where people stake their all. If you also hold such aspirations, desires, and love for politics at some level and are continuously facing failure, then astrology is a means through which you can find out if there is a bright future for you in politics or not. If your future in politics is bleak, you will spend your life following politicians, trailing behind them, and taking photos. Instead of respect, you will be a victim of insult, humiliation and contempt.

You will waste your precious time in life unless ‘Rahu accepts and Chandrama agrees.’ Only then, when Rahu is with you in your birth chart and Chandrama supports you, and Shani does not oppose you, you can attain a position or status in politics.

If you are connected to politics or want to get involved, then get your birth chart analyzed by Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali. Astrologer Rudraksh Shrimali will provide you with accurate advice and the right timing for when and how to enter politics. Even after years of efforts, if you are not in the desired position or are dissatisfied, what should you do? What is the way? What changes should you make so that you can achieve success in your political career as desired? Start making continuous and sincere efforts today to fulfill your ambitions. Seek advice now.

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